God-appointed, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, Holiness Church

Are you in need of a break-through? Do you want God to do something new in your life? If Yes, Jesus loves and wants to meet with you. Christ International Church  and its affiliates are together inviting you to join us in prayer and worship in the appropriate city. We consider it a great privilege to have you join us in prayer and worship unto God our Savior.  Our goal is to be a Christ-centered, holiness, Spirit-filled break-through church. This is the time and season for Jesus Christ to be glorified in His Church on earth as He is gloried in Heaven. He is The Lord, who reigns on High and rules the earth through His church! Come to any of the services to give God ALL the glory due His name. If you decide to come, come prepared to wait in His presence. Come prepared to honor Him, adore Him, and glorify Him alone. If not, remain where you are or visit the church down the street from us. They love the Lord and are working for Him, sincerely, too. If a heart of worship and a group of people committed to worship God in the beauty of holiness is what you are longing for, you may contact us for the meeting place in your city. Until then, we will keep on sailing with Jesus.

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