About us

A few years ago, four people gathered in Vantaa to study the Bible. Soon God started to add to the work. People started to grow deeper in their understanding of the Word of God and in spiritual matters. Some of the people who came to study the Bible then, are now preparing for leadership in the church. To God be all the glory! To date we are incorporated as a local church.

We are a non-denominational, international church, made up of Finns and nationals from various parts of the world committed to serving the Lord with all our heart. If you are looking for a church home where you feel accepted, respected, and appreciated for who you are, and you are willing to change, grow in faith, live according to the Word of God, and be a part of what God is doing in your city or a city near you, CIC may be the place for you.

If you speak English or want to improve your English in a place where Jesus Christ is glorified and the saints are edified, CIC may be the place for you. We do not have all the answers to all of life’s problems. But we have Jesus. He has all of the answers. He is truly worthy to receive all of the honor and the glory. Whatever the number now or in the future, we are determined to remain faithful to Him until He comes or calls us home.

Therefore, beloved, we petition you to keep us always in your prayers. The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. The rest of the laborers are either present but unprepared or absent and uninterested . Ask the Lord of the harvest to totally deliver His people and send them as more laborers ready for the great harvest. Fair ye well!

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