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For all programs in 2017, you may call the church, come to the church, or just ask the Lord to tell you what is going to happen before you come to the church. This way you will know whether what God told you is confirmed. Do yourself a favor, read the Scriptures daily, spend quality time in prayer with the Lord, take one day a week to fast (don’t be legalistic, do it if you want to or are able to do it), do what is right, tell somebody about Jesus, and bring someone with you to the House of The Lord. Best of all, stay bless, protected, fruitful, faithful, and effective under the blood of Jesus Christ The Lord. Then, “No evil shall befall you, neither shall any plaque come near your dwelling. For the Lord shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:10,11.

Bi-annual European International Conference (July 23-30) 2017

Christ International Church along with Kerava Cityseurakunta including other churches, is hosting our European bi-annual International Conference in mid-Summer. The guest speakers for this year are: Arch-Bishop Joel J. Laurore (USA), Pastor Michael Hopkins (Canada), Evangelists Winston Ian Lionel Fortuin (South Africa), Evangelist Nathanael Ribas (U.K.), and Evangelist Joseph Wilson (Asia). Hosting the conference is the presiding Pastor Ike Ammons, assisted by Pastor Juhani Laitinen of Cityseurakunta.

This conference will be in two parts: One part will be for preaching, prayer, evangelism, and counsel. Many in attendance will be from broken relationships, trapped in spiritual lukewarmness, social in-accountability, and a lack in purpose or clear direction. The ministers are coming prepared to address some of these spiritual issues. The other part will be for the gathering of successful Christian business people to train aspiring business people for success. Again, many people are unemployed, overworked, cash-strapped, and barely getting by. And many businesses seem to be downsizing or shutting down. The good news is that the Christian business people are coming together, on a small scale, to discuss and explore a way(s) out of these financial problems, appropriately. Jarmo Savolainen, Marjo Asenen, and Frank Ohlson will testify and spearhead the conversation.

May all those coming be held daily in prayer for their safe journey to and from the conference. And that everything done from start to finish be done for God’s glory and honor alone. With this in mind, welcome one and all to the conference.



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